Mo’ Radio, Mo’ Radio, Mo’ Radio!!!

Oy vey ist mere, yet more Eben on the Big Wild radio show!

I still think my voice sounds funny, but y’all already knew that…

This episode was my take on Easter, covering Ham and, (In deference to Johnny V, AKA The Greek), lamb!

And in this episode, I take on beans!

Now, in many of these episodes, (And sure as hell, on the Ham and Lamb one anyway), I sound, well, what: Harried? Goofy? Baffled?  D. All of the above: Something je ne c’est quoi?  Well then, know this, (And I am NOT complaining, ’cause I LOVE doing these shows), the fact is, I have about a minute to maybe three between the time that the lads tell me what we’re going to talk about and when we start recording, so all of this is off the cuff foodie improv…


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