Post Printing Activated!

Sorry, gang;
I’ve been so tied up in stuff that I forgot an important chunk of a blog like this ‘un; the ability to print each post…

I shook off the fog and got ‘er done, so, if you see a post you like and wanna hard copy of it, just click on the post in question: Once that’s up, cruise down to the bottom and you’ll see a print button there; click it and you’re good to go! I also stuck the ‘Press This’ button down there; that’ll allow y’all to easily select and repost stuff from here if and when you see fit.


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4 thoughts on “Post Printing Activated!”

    1. Please fvigroe me if this seems like a pesky question. I am trying to locate a web service that allows one to record a message on a phone and post it to a blog. Snapvine does this – but also seems to mandatorially include messages from other people – a “social” network. But I don’t want to be that “Webby” – I just simply want to record a message and post to my Blog.IS there a service anywhere????By-the-way, I enjoyed your pics on your blog.f glenn bowen

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