Kinda Reader’s Choice

Well, I’m kinda back, and we’ve kinda been cooking, so we’re gonna do a kinda viewers choice post. It’s really easy to play along; here’s how it goes.
We’ll post mouth watering pics of the stuff we made over the Labor Day weekend.
The y’all
1. Look and drool
2. Decide if something there really floats your boat
3. Tell us which one(s), and
4. We’ll do a follow up with complete recipes!

See? Told ya it was gonna be easy…

Home made dawgs sauted in sage butter

Homemade teriyaki steaks

Fridge Pickles II

Death by Potato Salad

Hand ground Burgers with bacon and aged cheddar

Now, I don’t want to be preemptively mean, but, if none of that does float your boat, you’re either dead or way too macrobiotic for moi…

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One thought on “Kinda Reader’s Choice”

  1. OK, any and all would float my boat. But given that we have all kinds of misc. veggies right now, how about Fridge Pickles II. (would it work for beans, okra, broccoli, other odds and ends as well as cukes?) And then the tater salad. And what’s with the home made dawgs sauted in sage butter? Gotta find out about that. And then…………….

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