This just in from the It’s About Time Department!

Check out the newly published Fresh Herbs Page! It’s about time I got off my duff and did something there…

Our ample spice rack is predominantly fueled by the great folks at World Spice down below the Pike Street Market in Seattle. They ship anywhere, and never send anything but the freshest and best and no, I do not get a deal for so saying; check ’em out here.

The entries you’ll find there and on the pages to come are not meant to be all inclusive; they are derived, quite frankly, from my sitting in front of the spice rack and noting what we actually have there and use. It’s certainly not a static list, so as we add stuff, you’ll find more entries on the corresponding pages. Of course, if you don’t see something you use and love, please do let us know!

Note also that we’ve finally added a number of categories for the many posts herein; we trust this’ll make things much easier for you to browse and find just exactly what you’re after!

Dried Herb and Spices, and Spice Blends pages are soon to follow, so stay tuned!

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