Kool Kamp Kookin’

So, folks do ask quite often, “Do you guys really cook like this all the time?”

The answer is, for the most part, yup!

Probably the easiest way to see if its true would be to follow us on a recent camping trip – For the record, yeah, we do bring knives and significant utensils, and 2 cooking surfaces, in this case, a 2 burner Coleman and a Weber Q series grill. That plus a good selection of non-stick pans and our trusty Lodge dutch oven gives the flexibility we need.

Our herbs and spices are pared down to what we really use; sea salt, ground pepper blend, granulated garlic, Mexican oregano, dill, and sage.
We bring all staples with us, anything special that we’ve planned, and then fill in with a last minute shop at the local store.

We focus on breakfast and dinners, and a picture’s worth a thousand words, so Let’s have a look at what we built!

First night dinner is salmon, grilled asparagus, homemade pasta salad and sourdough rolls…

Breakfast key word is Hearty

Night 2, beef stew!

And as Ivy can attest, you do not have to rough out out there!

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