Ch, Ch, Changes, (and more coming)

It’s way past time for some remodeling hereabouts – Lots of cool things underway.

First off, I’ve cleaned up the general appearance of the site – Much less cluttered, and a pretty cool, retro kinda theme thing going too. You’ll find that posts stand out much better. Sidebar images have been removed, which makes things easier to read – I think the colors make for a much better look, (and they match our business cards too!)

I’ve also completely revised the Pages for Chiles, Herbs & Spices, and Sources & Suppliers, fleshing them out and making sure they’re up to date. There’s also a new, dedicated contact page, instead of a hard to find widget.

Poke around when you need some inspiration, new stuff, or just have a question.

if you don’t see something there you need, let us know, and we’ll find it for you.

I’ll be adding a few new pages as well – We’ll start with revising and expanding former posts on Essential Knives, and Knife Use and Care. Going forward, those will be much easier to find and use.

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