Post Printing Activated!

Sorry, gang;
I’ve been so tied up in stuff that I forgot an important chunk of a blog like this ‘un; the ability to print each post…

I shook off the fog and got ‘er done, so, if you see a post you like and wanna hard copy of it, just click on the post in question: Once that’s up, cruise down to the bottom and you’ll see a print button there; click it and you’re good to go! I also stuck the ‘Press This’ button down there; that’ll allow y’all to easily select and repost stuff from here if and when you see fit.


Looks Great In Cyberspace, Too!

I’m writing this entry from my iPhone, which is pretty cool to be able to do; That alone makes me pretty jazzed about this new site!

That said, be sure to check us out from your portable devices, (Phone, iPad, laptop); you’ll find the layout excellent on all those options, which will come in real handy in the kitchen and at the market.

There seems to be very few things that the new scheme cannot do, so if there’s a specific function you think we’re missing, just shout and we’ll see what we can scare up!


Checking in with the Squeedunks

>This just in from Christie and Grant, (AKA Neighborhood Gardens), in scenic Hackensack, MN:

Hi Big E (and the Delightful M)!

Sounds like you are having good fun in the Northwest. This is just a question about the blog. Is there any way you can develop an index of recipes and topics, such as: cruising through for M’s crisp recipe. Of course, that did mean I found a number of other things I was meaning to try out, etc., so that ain’t all bad, but…

Have been busy transplanting; yup, have the peppers, eggplants, toms, etc. going and in a couple weeks we will heat the greenhouse and move them to bigger quarters. If you are in the NW, Texas, or probably anywhere else in the US this might not be news, but up here it is!

C and G Up North

Well my friends, yes we ARE! M just shines around the kids and Grandbaby; wonderful to see her so happy, also instructive for moi…

As for the blog, the answer is a BIG yes! Am actively creating the next generation of this here thing: The next generation will feature enhanced search functions, databases for recipes, herbs and seasonings, technique and basics, and some other cool stuff as well – Not sure how long it will take me, but I’m on it and working diligently, so not too long – Stay tuned and thanks for the update!

Oh, and as for those far northern starts, how about a few pics for the blog?

E & M, from northwest Washington State, where it’s raining, gray and cold, (Imagine that!)


>A THOUSAND MEA CULPAS for being so remiss on entries!

Out of the last 25 days I’ve worked at the cafe, 60% have been closing shifts, and I’m afraid that has taken it’s tole on my energy level!

There IS light at the end of the tunnel though, and we’ll be back to regularly scheduled entries afore too long – DO NOT ADJUST YOUR LAPTOP! The problem is NOT with your computer!


E & M

NGKGChef now printer friendly!

Criminy, I swear, sometimes I am SO slow!

A new follower pointed out that each post in this here blog aughta be printer friendly, seeing as they ARE recipe based – (Gee Eben, ya think?)

Anyway, BIG THANKS, Ginnie, for the heads up, and it’s done – Each post now has a printer friendly/PDF button at the bottom, for your convenience and the great relief or trees everywhere!

Sharing the Bounty

My oh my! An unexpected windfall arrived down here today, from our wonderful friends up north at Neighborhood and Kings Gardens – Just look at this haul!

Handmade jams and preserves, apple butter, relish and sauerkraut, wild rice, dried tomatoes, even gourmet handmade charcoal!

(The wood you see is Snakewood, an amazing thing in and of itself and very dear to instrument makers!)

Now if this isn’t the heart of what CSA and good cooking is all about, we don’t know what is: HUGE THANKS to Christy, Lissa, Grant, John and Doug for your incredible generosity and friendship!

We wish y’all holidays of peace and warmth, and a new year filled with prosperity!

E & M

Names have been changed to protect the innocent…

>Or not, or not…


You’ll note that the title, (Not the web address), of the blog has been changed to Urban Monique’s Chef blog. If you’ll pardon the obvious pun on our names, (or not, or not…), this was done to recognize and support Community Based Agricultural projects wherever they may be, and to alert readers to the benefits of joining a CSA and growing food at home, even in teeny, tiny lots like ours!

Our emphasis will remain focused on the Neighborhood Garden and King’s Garden efforts and output throughout the seasons; we just want to encourage the ball rolling further!

E & M